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Connect with your patients in seconds through secure video consultations with TiaTele Telemedicine — a top of the line virtual clinic software for doctors.


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What to Expect

TiaTele is a comprehensive, HIPAA and GDPR compliant telehealth platform that enables you to examine your patients from wherever you are via secure video consultations. Ideal for physicians in solo or group practices.

High quality secure video consultations

Securely connect with patients from a remote location, in real time

Remote patient examination and vitals tracking

Easy access to patient health records through an integrated EHR

Prescribe treatment instantly via

e-prescription tools

Helps you cut down on appointment cancellations and no shows

TiaTele is available for web, mobile and tablet devices (Android and iOS)



01. Whom is TiaTele for?

TiaTele is for hospitals, clinics, adult nursing homes and other medical practitioners (nurses, doctors) to connect with patients remotely in real time.

02. Can I issue prescriptions and lab orders with TiaTele?

Yes. TiaTele has an e-prescription capability which enables you to issue prescriptions to your patients remotely. It also has a point of care interface with labs.

03. Is TiaTele only for emergencies?

No. TiaTele can also be used to connect with remote specialists for scheduled appointments. It is also ideal for safe screening and treatment of contagious infections such as COVID-19.

04. As a provider do I need to be tech savvy to start using TiaTele?

No. You need not be tech savvy or software expert. We welcome your experience if you have any otherwise we are prepared to guide you through the whole process.

05. Do you provide technical support and maintenance?

Yes. We provide technical support and maintenance services on request from your side.

06. Does TiaTele provide me with patients?

No. TiaTele does not provide you with patients, however it can be used to connect with your patients remotely.


TiaTele facilitates swift and safe doctor-patient interaction particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic, and addresses the critical need for safe and convenient access to healthcare.

How does TiaTele support doctors?


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DISCLAIMER: TiaTele is a technology platform to connect individuals with participating physicians and other licensed health care practitioners (“Providers”), for the purpose of engaging in a health care consultation. TiaTele does not provide medical care and does not interfere with the practice of medicine by licensed Providers. Participating Providers are solely responsible for their services and compliance with all State and Federal laws applicable to his/her professional license.