Medical Billing Solution + Quality Metrics

TiaCoder is a virtual coding and scribe portal that assists care providers by offering real-time coding and charge capture capabilities. The secure platform provides a concurrent review of the documentation, coding and billing for streamlined audits. 

Our ecosystem connects with experienced coding and billing agencies for efficient revenue processing. TiaCoder is a modular mobile or web-based program with the following interfaces: IMO for ICD10 & CPT codes, Nuance Dragon Medical dictation for voice-to-text functionality, transcription services and Navicure, for clearing house services.

How TiaCoder Benefits Your Hospital

01. Virtual scribe

Virtual scribe that reduces the need for corrections and improves efficiency and accuracy

02. Partnering with third party billing

Partnering with third-party billing and coding agencies

03. Quality metrics

Real-time audits and dashboard reports

04. Operates with ICD CPT

Operates with IMO’s ICD10 & CPT codes

05. Integrated with Nuance Dragon

Integrated with Nuance Dragon Dictation

06. Incorporates transcription

Incorporates transcription services

07. Clearing house services

Clearing house services provided by Navicure

08. Eliminates unaccounted encounters

Eliminates unaccounted patient encounters

09. Revenue cycle management

Enhances revenue by 25%

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