Clinic / Practice Management System

TiaNuMR Lite | Clinic / Practice Management System

TiaNuMR Lite is a compact and modular practice management system ideal for clinics, nursing homes and small hospitals.
  • Streamline clinic activities with a specially selected range of modules
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use
  • Entirely cloud-based with minimum hardware implementation / hardware set up time and cost
  • Includes advanced inventory and purchase management systems
  • Flexible billing model
  • Highly secure, HIPAA, NABH and GDPR compliant

What Makes TiaNuMR Lite Ideal for Clinics, Nursing Homes and Small Hospitals

01. Inbuilt practice management
Built-in Practice Management Systems

TiaNuMR Lite’s comprehensive practice management software is specifically equipped for the unique requirements of IP and OP management in clinics, nursing homes, and small hospitals.

02. Secure cloud based EHR

Secure Cloud-Based EHR

TiaNuMR Lite includes a secure, built-in and fully integrated EHR.

03. Documentation reports dashboards

Documentation, Reports & Dashboards

TiaNuMR Lite’s comprehensive reports and intuitive dashboards provides your facility with valuable data at a quick glance.

04. Telemedicine


Easy to use e-visit software that enables you to connect remotely with patients, and suitable for emergencies, on-call teleconferencing as well as initial pre-consults. Doctor and patient apps are included, offering hassle-free online patient payment options, customizable consultation fees & COVID package consultation.

05. E prescription


TiaNuMR Lite’s easy-to-use e-prescription tool promotes efficiency in your facility and is in accordance with government norms.

06. Appointment scheduler

Appointment Scheduler

Your patients can now schedule appointments with just a click of a button via their personal patient care mobile apps or the web. TiaNuMR Lite minimizes wait-time and eliminates the hassle of booking appointments over the phone.

07. Data security

Data Security

TiaNuMR Lite is HIPAA, NABH and GDPR compliant with secure video consults and encrypted chat features. It also guarantees secure integration with confidential patient health records.

08. Implementation training

Implementation, Training & Support Services

This cloud-based solution has minimum onsite set hardware set up requirements. We provide training at your convenience, with round-the-clock support services.

09. Unlimited users

Unlimited Users

Any number of users in various departments of your facility can sign up on the TiaNuMR software. Access may be customized to each user on the platform depending on requirements, roles and admin rights.

TiaNuMR Lite Practice Management Modules

Doctor Module (EMR)

  • Patients waiting list with time stamp
  • Patient demographics
  • Patient visit history
  • Allergies entry and interaction alert
  • Vitals entry with graphical views
  • Lab test ordering and results with graphical views
  • Reports views
  • Day-care procedure order
  • Radiology test orders
  • Pharmacy orders with allergy alerts
  • Pending order status
  • Medical specialty case notes & progress note preparation
  • Vaccination notifications

Purchase management

  • Purchase order (PO)
  • Goods received note (GRN)

Integrated OPD Billing

  • Encounter fees collection (consultation fees)
  • View lab order by doctor and payment collection
  • View radiology order by doctor and payment collection
  • View procedure order by doctor and payment collection
  • Bill printouts for patients

Integrated Lab

  • View lab order by doctor
  • Result entry & finalization
  • Automatic sharing of lab result to the doctor module / EMR
  • Lab report printouts for patients

Pharmacy Billing

  • View pharmacy order by doctor 
  • Payment collection
  • Automatic batch selection
  • Bill printouts for patients



Doctor Encounter

Pre-consultation Workup (Nurse)

Unlimited User Creation

Roles & Privileges Mapping for Users

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