Personal Health Platform + Mobile App


TiaCare is a secure, cost-effective personal health portal for all basic healthcare needs. This mobile and web-based platform stores patients’ complete health records, enables instant access to emergency care, provides a quick and easy approach to schedule appointments with care providers, sets reminders, and records patient vitals. Patients may also track their symptoms, request prescription refills, and link accounts of family members. TiaCare also facilitates face-to-face interaction with care providers from the comfort of one’s home or office via real-time teleconsult.

Features & Benefits​

Emergency Care

Emergency care

Encrypted portable health records

Encrypted portable health records of patients (reports, prescriptions, DICOM images, etc.)

Schedule Appointments

Schedule appointments with care providers



Set reminders

Set reminders on health calendar (medication, appointments, annual checkups, etc.)

Record and track vitals

Record and track vitals through wireless peripherals

Track linked family

Track linked family accounts and symptoms

Request prescription

Request prescription refills

Make schedule payments

Make / schedule payments

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