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TiaTech specializes in developing innovative, efficient and smart healthcare solutions. The company comprises of TiaTech USA, Inc. and TiaTech Health Technologies, Pvt. Ltd. and our range of solutions together forms a comprehensive health management ecosystem that focuses on:

  • Providing quality healthcare at lower costs
  • Simplifying patient-physician interactions
  • Providing fast, interoperable systems that store high-volume data on secure HIPAA, NABH and GDPR compliant cloud-based servers.

From The CEO's Desk

Dr Ramesh Madhavan

From The CEO's Desk

Healthcare providers across the globe constantly strive to achieve three major goals: improve patient care experience, reduce costs and optimize health outcomes. Tiatech’s evolving ecosystem is built fundamentally on these very concepts under the supervision of a panel of doctors to provide the finest experience to our care providers.

Our products improve clinical outcomes, reduce administrative inefficiencies, lower costs, facilitate analysis of data to drive research and identification of key health trends, and facilitate peer and patient engagement. By combining three aspects of the health care value chain, we create a meaningful and sustainable synergy in the healthcare IT ecosystem. 

So if you are a professional or an enterprise, I welcome you as a partner in our quest for excellence. Together, we can make this world a better place and accelerate our aspirations.

Dr Ramesh Madhavan
Founder and CEO

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Accurate Information & Data-backed decisions are a Key Component to the Success of any Business.

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Our Vision

To be the endorsed provider of quality healthcare IT technology at an affordable cost.



Our Mission

  • Build cost-effective, efficient, smart healthcare solutions.
  • Provide data analytics for compliance, quality metrics, and research.
  • Specialize in promoting population health.

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