Telemedicine Platform, Remote Patient Monitoring and Hardware Solutions

telemedicine platform

TiaTele is a comprehensive, HIPAA, NABH and GDPR compliant telehealth platform that provides telemedicine software & hardware devices enabling healthcare providers to:

  • Securely connect with patients from a remote location in real-time
  • Examine patient’s physical condition and measure their vitals
  • Access patient health records through an integrated EHR
  • Prescribe treatment via e-prescription tools

TiaTele allows encrypted text messaging and secure audio/video calls between patients and healthcare resources, where the patient can see and/or speak to the provider, globally, in real-time. The physician receives the patient’s health records, scans, images and vitals through our integrated wireless telehealth peripherals and telemedicine equipment.

Through the various telemedicine softwares and devices, TiaTele coordinates care by disrupting the traditional care experience which is largely focused on only the acute event, and, instead, expands across the entire patient and physician care experience — from home to pre-hospital to hospital to post-discharge services.

The suite of solutions provides cost-effective telemedicine and physician practice tools embedded in a ubiquitous care platform. These solutions are available both as standalone and fully-integrated in order to meet a wide variety of provider requirements.

Application Scenarios

01. Emergency care
Emergency care
02. Outpatient teleconsults
Outpatient teleconsults
03. Isolation wards
isolation wards
04. Remote ICU

Remote ICU monitoring

05. Daily rounding

Daily rounding

06. Virtual home health
Virtual home health visits
07. Multispecialty
Multispecialty group teleconsults
08. Hub and spoke
Hub-and-Spoke With Private Practices
09. Corporate Health

Corporate health partnerships

10. Housing community

Housing community partnerships

Key Features & Benefits

telemedicine software on devices

TiaTele Telehealth Portal

  • Emergency / on-call teleconferencing
  • Scheduler for physician appointments
  • Remote camera controls
  • Encrypted text messages
  • GPS function
  • Point-of-care interface for labs
  • AI-incorporated provider/physician documentation
  • e-Prescription
  • ICD and CPT coding
  • Secure cloud-based EHR integration
  • Session tracking and online payment platform

Mobile Telehealth App

  • Audio-video with camera controls
  • Synchronous call broadcasting
  • GPS function
  • Scheduler for physician appointments
  • Point-of-care interface for labs
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • DICOM viewer
  • e-Prescription
  • ICD and CPT coding
  • Quality metrics
telemedicine mobile application
telemedicine cart

Telemedicine Cart

  • Powered telemedicine cart
  • Single or dual monitors
  • Portable CT scanner
  • Digital blood pressure monitor
  • 10x/12x zoom PTZ camera
  • Bluetooth pulse oximeter
  • 12 lead EKG
  • Funduscope
  • Point-of-care blood analyzer
  • Electronic stethoscope
  • Bluetooth weighing scale
  • Chemistry analyzer
  • Android / iPhone included
  • Digital thermometer


Patients can access specialist care from the comfort of their homes through a dedicated mobile app. Features include appointment scheduler, access to medical records and consultation history, vitals tracker and family account linking.

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