Create and maintain health records using the current work flow of physicians, nurses and paramedical staff. It can interface with any 3rd party ERP or TiaTech’s ERP system and provides concurrent dashboards on performance metrics, compliance report, quality metrics.




EHR- Inpatient

Bed Allocation
Rounding App for Doctor/ Nurses
Discharge summary generator
Pharmacy, Store and Inventory
Procurement planning and budgeting
Purchase order process
Stock transfer
Stock adjustment
Pharmacy sales and returns
Ward issue


Test Results entry
Inventory management


Integration option with third party Accounting softwares

HR Module

Organization structure
Leave Management
Attendance and payroll
Shift and overtime management
Income tax calculator
Mobile communicator
Recruitment module
Training module

Front Office

Patient Registration and Token generation
IP Room/Ward assignment
Discharge process and Billing


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Patient Satisfaction

Increase in overall patient satisfaction

  • Access electronic patient medical records, prescriptions, lab and radiology orders from anywhere.
  • Use secure chat to connect with doctors.
  • Use video call feature to communicate with the doctor.
  • Enables same day and instant scheduling with doctor.

Reduced patient wait time

  • Use secure alerts to instantly contact doctor and request for consultation.
  • Update vitals remotely from patient portal.
  • Update vitals using wireless medical equipments.
  • Enables an increase in scheduling efficiency with features to start quick meeting and schedule meetings between doctor and patient.
  • Enables an increase in provider productivity

Patient Engagement and Population Management

  • Analytics for Prevention
  • Increased Immunizations
  • Improves management of other chronic conditions and diabetics
  • Decreased obesity
  • Enables overall improvement in patient education

Provider Satisfaction

Increase in overall provider satisfaction

  • Quality of life improved as doctor can access patient records from anywhere and can get connected to patient instantly
  • Physicians can get more time to spend on patients
  • Work-life balance improved
  • Tele health improves remote patient care and doctor’s reach

Increase in Quality of care

Improved Clinical Documentation

  • Ease practice flow and improves outcomes for patients using electronic patient medical records access.
  • Customizable doctor notes templates
  • Electronic physicians clinical order entry
  • Improved management of diseases


  • Transaction costs reduced
  • Improved workflow and practice efficiency
  • Reduced Overhead costs
  • Increases scheduling patients
  • Improve in coding accuracy
  • Increase in patient volume
  • Increase in operational savings

Electronic Secure Data

Improved Data Recording

  • Access from anywhere
  • Enables Quality measures reporting

Improved Patient communication

  • Engaging patient through patient portal
  • Informed patient
  • Secure communication with doctor

Enhances communication and data sharing

  • Doctor to doctor communication
  • EHR security prevents privacy breaches
  • Enables population health focus

Increased use of Evidence based guidelines

  • Improves access to data for research

Product Images

doctor login screen
patient list