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TiaCoder is a practice management tool for physicians to streamline the charge capture process. It captures the total cost and data from admitting a patient till discharge. Data transmission is using HL7 and have provision to integrate patient rounding list. Physician can also scan the barcode and send it to their billers for further processing.

  • Modular mobile or web based Charge Capture program with the following interfaces
  • Rounding mobile application
  • Physician group patient assignment management
  • Efax care coordination documents
  • Data mining and artificial intelligence enabled*
  • Real time audits and dashboard reports
  • Operates with IMO ICD10 & CPT interface
  • Utilizes Nuance Dragon dictation system
  • Incorporates transcription services
  • Partner with third party coding and billing agencies with VR technology
  • Virtual scribe services to improve efficiency
  • Billing Integrated with Navicure clearing house as optional feature*

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  • Manage Patient Health Records
  • Access Rounding List Patients And Create Encounters
  • View ICD10 Code Details
  • Set Favorites
  • Use Mobile Camera to Scan ID Tags
  • Access Rounding List Patients
  • Doctor Rounding
  • Review Patient Encounter History
  • Record Encounter ICD,CPT and Notes
  • Send Encounter Details to Billers

Medical provider completes billing encounters

  • Auto fax to PCP
  • Copy codes in one-click
  • Hand-off patients to doctor(s) in a group
  • Quickly share encounters for billing
  • Integrated with IMO for ICD10/ CPT codes
  • Navicure Clearing House Interface
  • Audit reports
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TiaCoder Dashboard

Advanced clinical search on patient data based on problem, procedure, age, gender