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Medical Appointment Scheduling App


TiaCare is a personal care and medical tracking app to synthesize all of your basic healthcare needs. Through TiaCare, patients can access health records, schedule appointments, access prescriptions, request refills, secure message and video call with their care provider.


  • Patient Portal with customizable portfolio
  • Encrypted & HIPAA protected portable health record
  • Schedule appointments
  • Request prescription refill
  • Schedule payments (PayPal)
  • Communication portal (secure text, AV portal, and secure email)
  • Facial recognition software
  • Equipped with TiaMD’s EHR ecosystem (TiaMD NuMR)
  • Equipped with Intelligent Health Exchange (TiaAlert)
  • Integrated bluetooth and wifi health care peripherals
  • Personalized DICOM viewer for storage of images (TiaImage)
  • Emergency calls and alerts

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Appointment Request

  • Patient can request an appointment by selecting their doctor
  • The appointment request will appear in clinic or hospital via TiaMD NuMR and the medical assistant will confirm the appointment request
  • Once the booking is confirmed, a patient intake form will be available on TiaCare mobile app and web portal
  • Appointment details will be accessible in the patient’s TiaCare app
Health Care Mobile Application
Medical Appointment Scheduling App

Patient can track personal health details like BP, Weight, Height, Pulse and other vitals. Details of hospital visits will also be accessible.

  • Access visit history, health records, and medications
  • Manage personal health records
  • Upload image capture of prescriptions and test results
  • Add medication reminders

Emergency Calls

Click the emergency call button to dial the default emergency number within seconds. If the call is not answered, the app will automatically dial the next number on the emergency contact list. Video call is also available.

The ‘My Health’ portal allows you to maintain and update emergency numbers.

Medical Appointment Scheduling App