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TiaTech is a “disruptive HIS” with one simple mission: better care at a lower cost. Our innovators have strived to simplify patient-physician interactions in a cost-effective model. Our fast, interoperable system stores and sorts large amounts of data on HIPAA compliant cloud servers with a built-in intelligent health exchange system. Most patient data entry can be entered by virtual scribes, staff members, or through the patient portal. TiaTech has created 'big data' DBs with data mining features for concurrent research, clinical, and educational purposes. By pioneering Virtual Telehealth, DICOM viewers, FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), blockchain technologies, and workflow-enabled algorithms, TiaMD NuMR has become the ‘New Universal Medical Record’ – the next generation EHR. Our reliable, and multi-faceted installations have made us global leaders.

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TiaCare app combines all your basic healthcare needs. From scheduling appointments, requesting refills, and storing health records to securely messaging and video calling your care provider, no task is too daunting with our personal health portal.

TiaMD Rapid Responz

Secure online portal for doctor patient interaction during an emergency or at your own convenience. Equipped with automated prescription and patient record manager.


Mobile EHR to capture patient data with integrated charge capture solution.


Total electronic health record with integrated ERP solution for clinics and hospitals.