TiaMD is a secure telemedicine portal for doctor patient interaction. It allows patient doctor interaction in an effective manner and has capability to interface wireless medical equipments like BP, Sthetoscope, PulseOx, Weighing scales, Temperature and Opthalmoscope. It can integrate with pharmacy, laboratory and radiology centres.


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  • Patient
  • Doctor

Doctor portal

  • Encounter management
  • ICD/CPT code selection for Problem and Procedure
  • Chat and share documents
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Join Video call meeting
  • Prescription and order entry
  • View DICOM images and other patient reports
  • Record Notes
  • Connect with pharmacy, radiology centers and laboratory

Patient portal

  • Doctor search
  • Manage medical records
  • Chat with doctor and share documents
  • Add Vitals
  • Join Video call meeting
  • Access to online reports from laboratory, radiology centres
  • Connect wireless medical device like BP, Weighing scale, PulseOX etc.

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  • Patient Record Management
  • Coordination of care
  • Reduces infrastructure cost
  • Reduces consultation time
  • Databases for research
  • Revenue from patient care
  • Improvement in quality of care
  • Cost saving for patients
  • Reduces physician overhead
  • Designed for easy doctor patient interaction using high quality audio video features
  • Supporting modules to integrate with internal or external pharmacy, laboratory and radiology centres
  • Easy to use and secure
  • Cloud based database
  • Includes DICOM viewer and reporting system
  • International standards which makes integration easier with other EMR systems

Product Images

Doctor homepage
Encounter screen
Schedule meeting