Our Services

TiaTech services include IT consulting with clients, product implementation, support, training and documentation. TiaTech offers IT products that cater to the customer needs in the below mentioned areas



TiaTech offers telemedicine products that connect doctors, patients, pharmacies, diagnostic centres and hospitals. Telemedicine software and medical equipments are offered in the product package that can connect a patient to a remote healthcare provider. The product offers secure chat and audio video features that can be integrated with wireless medical equipments to record patient vitals which the doctor can access remotely


Hospital Management System (HMS)

TiaTech offers Integrated electronic health record (EHR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for doctors, clinics and hospitals to maintain the digital version of a patient’s paper chart. The product enables real-time, patient health records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. Provides concurrent dashboards on performance metrics, compliance report and quality metrics.


TeleRadiology and TelePathology

TiaTech offers teleradiology products for transmission of radiological patient images, such as x-rays, CTs, MRIs and pathology data from one location to another for the purposes of sharing studies with other radiologists, pathologists and physicians.


Second Opinion

TiaTech offers products for doctors to take a second opinion on patient cases. The product offers secure chat and audio video call features for doctor to communicate and share patient information.


Tele Health Education

Coming Soon!


Research and Analysis

TiaTech team that includes doctors and IT professionals can support in research and analysis around healthcare IT workflow of customer to suggest on improvement areas and provide recommendations to address the pain points.