Simplifying Healthcare

Revolutionizing healthcare with technological advances and cost-effective solutions.

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Advanced Care Solutions

TiaTech is a health tech company that offers HIPAA compliant solutions to simplify and streamline your care needs. Our healthcare ecosystem provides reliable, cost-effective tech solutions for care providers, consumers, and research teams. Explore our wide range of modular services that bridge the gaps in healthcare.



Personal Health Portal

TiaCare is a one-stop shop for all your basic healthcare needs. From scheduling appointments, requesting refills, and storing health records to securely messaging and video calling your care provider, no task is too daunting with our personal health portal.

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TiaMD Rapid Responz

Virtual Telehealth

TiaMD Rapid Responz, our telehealth portal, can instantly connect care providers to those in need, either in a state of emergency or at a scheduled time. Providers can seamlessly communicate with patients through our encrypted text, audio, and video applications. They can also receive patients’ images and vitals in real-time for an immediate diagnosis. TiaMD Rapid Responz connects you to high-quality care at your convenience.



Virtual Coder

TiaCoder, our virtual coding and scribe portal, offers care providers real-time coding and charge capture capabilities using VR technology. With our virtual scribe, a billing expert codes in real time on our secure platform, achieving a concurrent review of the documentation, coding, and billing for streamlined audits.



Virtual Clinic

TiaMD NuMR, our integrated virtual clinic is a workflow enabled management solution that uses TiaMD Rapid Responz, TiaCoder, TiaCare, and modular enterprise resource planning (ERP) services to provide a holistic, scalable health management system for care providers of all sizes.